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A Journal of Italian Studies, founded by Michael Ricciardelli

Forum Italicum is a peer-reviewed journal of Italian Studies, founded by M. Ricciardelli in 1967. The journal is intended as a meeting-place where scholars, critics, and teachers can present their views on the literature, language, and culture of Italy and other countries in relation to Italy. Young and hitherto unpublished scholars are encouraged to contribute their critical works.

The policy of Forum Italicum will remain flexible in order to keep the journal an open meeting-place where scholarly writings together with other contributions of general Italian interest can give the reader a fresh, open outlook on subjects pertaining to the heritage of Italy. Contributions should normally be in English or Italian.

All manuscripts and editorial correspondence, books for reviews and other business correspondence should be e-mailed to the editor, Mario Mignone, at the following address:  

Submissions:  Please submit your Word or .rtf document as electronic attachment to the Editor. Your works must conform to the Harvard Style guidelines. Submissions must include an abstract of no more than 200 words and 4-5 key words.  For more details go to the Sage website: Please include mailing address and your affiliation in your e-mail. 

The editors and publishers assume no responsibility for contributors' opinions.

Advertising and Permissions: Advertising inquiries and requests to reprint material from the journal should be directs to the editor of Forum Italicum.

To subscribe go to:

Editorial Staff 2008-2011

Associate Editor in Italy
S. Martelli, Università di Salerno,
Associate Editors:
A. Illiano, University of North Carolina
S. Ramat, Università di Padova
Managing Editor
C. Franco, Stony Brook University
Assistant Editor:
G. Gazzola, Stony Brook University
Associate Editor for Book Reviews
G. Pell, Hofstra University
Secretarial Assistant
Donna Severino, Center for Italian Studies
Editorial Advisory Board
Z. G. Baránski, University of Reading W. Kennedy, Cornell University
T. Barolini, Columbia University M. Lettieri, University of Toronto
N. Bouchard, University of Connecticut E. Licastro, Buffalo University
N. Cacciaglia, Università per Stranieri, Perugia A. Luzi, Università di Macerata
R. Capozzi, University of Toronto M. Marcus, Yale University
A. Carrera, University of Houston G. Mazzotta, Yale University
M. Danesi, University of Toronto A. Pallotta, Syracuse University
G. Dell'Aquila, Università di Bari L. Pertile, Harvard University
G. Di Scipio, Hunter College L. Rebay, Columbia University
G. Ferzoco, University of Bristol C. Testa, University of British Columbia
H. Haller, Queens College, CUNY F. Vitelli, Università di Bari
    R. West, University of Chicago


A collection of publications in Italian and Italian American Studies published under the auspices of Forum Italicum:

Giacomo Leopardi: Proceedings of the Congress Held at the University of California, Los Angeles, 1988, edited by Giovanni Cecchetti.
1. Interpreting the Italian Renaissance: Literary Perspectives, edited by Antonio Toscano.
2. Shearsmen Sorts: Italian Poetry 1975-1993, edited by Luigi Ballerini.
3. Writings of the Twentieth Century Italian Literature,by Michael Ricciardelli.
4. Columbus: Meeting of Cultures, edited by Mario B. Mignone.
5. Homage to Moravia, Mario B. Mignone.edited by Rocco Capozzi and
6. Etica cristiana nella letteratura contemporanea italiana, edited by Florinda Iannace.
7. Italian Americans in a Multicultural Society, edited by Jerome Krase and Judith N. DeSena.
8. Lo studio bolognese, edited by Leda Giannuzzi Jaworski.
9. Dante: Summa Medievalis, edited by Charles Franco and Leslie Morgan.
10. The Literary Journal as a Cultural Witness, edited by Luigi Fontanella and Luca Somigli
11. Il dialetto di San Leucio del Sannio, by Gaetano A. Iannace
12. Italian Americans on Long Island: Presence and Impact, edited by Kenneth P. LaValle
13. Studi filologici e letterari in memoria di Danilo Aguzzi-Barbagli, ed. by D. Boccassini
14. The Saints in the Lives of Italian Americans: An Interdisciplinary Investigation, edited by Joseph A. Varacalli, Salvatore Primeggia, Salvatore J. LaGumina, Donald J. D'Elia.
15. Paolo Segneri: un classico della tradizione cristiana, edited by Rocco Paternostro and Andrea Fedi.
16. Adjusting Sites: New Essays in Italian American Studies, edited by William Boelhower and Rocco Pallone.
17. Si dovrebbe pensare più a far bene. Alessandro Manzoni: Il progetto di Dio, il lavoro dell'uomo, Norberto Cacciaglia.
18.  Rimanelliana, Studi su Giose Rimanelli / Studies on Giose Rimanelli,  edited by Sebastiano Martelli.
19. Maria Vergine nella letteratura italiana, edited by Florinda M. Iannace.
20. The Naples of Salvatore di Giacomo, translated by Frank J. Palescandolo.
21. The Italian Jewish Experience, edited by Thomas P. Di Napoli
22. ItaliAfrica: Bridging Continents and Cultures, edited by Sante Matteo
23. Bare Thoughts, Poems by Eduardo De Fillipo, translated by Frank Palescandolo
24  Models and Images of Catholicism in Italian Americana: Academy and Society, edited by J. A. Varacalli, S. Primeggia, S. J. LaGumina, D. J. D’Elia.
25  ’Merica, Proceedings of a Conference on the Culture and Literature of Italians in North America, edited by Giuseppe Massara and Aldo Bove.
26. Nicolò Franco: Epistolario (1540-1548) Ms. Vat. Lat. 5642, a cura di Domenica Falardo
27. Altreitalie: cittadinanza e diritto al voto, edited by Mario B. Mignone
28. The European Union: Multidisciplinary Views, edited by Giuseppe Ammendola
29. Carlo Goldoni. L'avaro fastoso, Prima traduzione italiana, a cura di Giovanni R. Ricci
30. The Status of Interpretation in Italian American Studies, edited by Jerome Krase
31. Florence Russo, Dante's Search for the Golden Age
33. Fratelli d'Italia, 150 anni di culura, lavoro, emigrazione, a cura di Luigi Troiani


1. La Festa del Giardino, by Sally Maraventano. A harvest of recipes and family memories.
2. Dante's Divine Comedy, translation by James F. Cotter, third edition,  edited by Charles Franco. 

These books may be purchased through, or directly from the Center for Italian Studies by calling (631) 632-7444. 

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