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LUMSA, Libera Università Maria Ss. Assunta, Rome

About the University

LUMSA has a humanistic vocation because in our society, which is scientifically and technologically advanced, there is a growing awareness of the need for 'knowledge' which is rooted in the traditional dignity of man, and it strives to foster progress for the advancement of humanity. It it is a free academic community with a Catholic heritage as its identity.



LUMSA strives to promote an overall education. It devotes special care to its students and their professional education through the employment of constant advice and tutoring, and it promotes an environment to facilitate to the full expression learning.

LUMSA belongs to the national and international scientific research network and has research programs which operate in many fields such as; education, social services, psychology, philosophical and literary sciences, mass communications, marketing, juridical sciences and economics.

 LUMSA fosters new professional venues to address the emerging needs of the world, and is constantly engaged in updating its research and teaching. The university strives to make a constructive contribution to meet individual needs as regards qualifications and skills, and to address increasing requirements of specialization which are evident in today’s complex society

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