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Students going to LUMSA through Stony Brook at the end of the program will receive a transcript from Stony Brook with grades and credits converted to the standard American system. However, they may also request a transcript from LUMSA with grades and credits expressed in the Italian system.

For many years LUMSA has operated the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) which is of fundamental importance in the recogni­tion of studies and the creation of a European open space of instruction and education in which students and lecturers can move without encountering obstacles.

This system, operating within the framework of the Erasmus-Socrates program, it facilitates the recognition of examinations taken by students abroad. This information booklet is designed to help partner European universities involved in the ECTS system. and students in general, in rela­tion to their exchange projects so that they can be directed towards more suitable programs and helped in the planning of their studies at LUMSA, and also seeks to provide them with practical information.

In the new Europe of knowledge, students must be able to study throughout the continent and ensure that their qualifications are ac­cepted wherever they want to continue with their studies.

In this spirit, the International and Erasmus Office of LUMSA gives a warm welcome to all those students who have chosen to spend a period of study within the Socrates and Erasmus programs at this university.

Pasqua Tamponi,
Head of International Relations Office

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