The Italian American Experience: An Annotated Bibliography



Louis Gesualdi, Ph.D.

St. Johnís University


Editorís Note:  Professor Louis Gesualdi has produced a helpful annotated bibliography of primarily social science resources which we are happy to post here.




There exist many books about the Italian and the Italian American experience of the twentieth century. However, as we begin the twenty-first century, continued research is still necessary in order to understand the lives of Italian Americans. Future studies need to deal with the following:  1)Quantitative research on the lives of Italians and Italian Americans, in general;  2) Italian American organizations, past and present; 3) New forms of Italian American communities in the cities and suburbs; 4) Italian immigration to the United States after 1965;  5) The religious life of Italians and Italian Americans;  6) The experiences  of  Italian and Italian American women;  7) Changes in the lives of Italians in Southern Italy and Italian Americans in the United States during the last one hundred fifty years;   8)  Italian American professionals; 9) The experiences of the third, fourth and fifth generation Italian Americans; 10) Italian Americans intermarrying with other groups; 11) Italian Americans in industry, work, politics, education and the arts; 12) The Italian American poor, working class, middle class, upper middle class and elite class; 13) The continued prejudice and discrimination experienced by Italian Americans; 14) Historical, sociological and/or psychological accounts of Italian Americans of the seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth and twenty centuries; and 15) Expectations and predictions for Italian Americans in the Twenty-first century.

This work is an annotated bibliography of some key books dealing with the lives of  Italians and Italian Americans. It is a resource for persons interested in studying the Italian American experience. 


About the bibliographer


Louis Gesualdi is an Associate Professor of Sociology at the College of Professional Studies, St. Johnís University. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology at Fordham University in 1988. Dr. Gesualdi is the author of a book The Italian Immigrants of Connecticut, 1880 to 1940 published by the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1997. He also has published a monograph, booklets and many articles and reviews on the Italian American experience.


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