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Abramson, Harold, J.  Ethnic Diversity in Catholic America.  New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1973.


Abramsonís study describes the ethnic diversity in religious behavior that exists among the Catholic Americans (this includes Italian-American Catholics).  This book argues that the different Catholic ethnic groups maintain cultural traits that were developed in their respective countries of origin. It states that the differences in religious behavior among the different Catholic ethnic groups are an outcome of the maintenance of cultural traits.


Alba, Richard.  Italian-Americans into the Twilight of Ethnicity.  New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1985.


Richard Alba indicates the profound changes which occurred among Italian-Americans during the twentieth century. These changes include the loss of the Italian language by the third generation; the dispersion of Italian immigrant communities; a considerable economic and occupational mobility of this group over the past decades; the erosion of past cultural values; and the Italian-Americansí accelerating rates of intermarriage with other ethnic and religious groups. The author demonstrates that ethnic traits associated with Italian-Americans are disappearing and that this disappearance is an outcome of socioeconomic conditions existing in the United States.


American Italian Historical Association Publications of Proceedings, New York: American Italian Historical Association, Volumes 1 to 30 from 1968 to 1999.


The American Italian Historical Association is an interdisciplinary organization dedicated to Italian American studies. It sponsors annual conferences to present scholarly papers on the Italian American experience and publishes the proceedings from the conferences.


Volume 1        Ethnicity in American Political Life: The Italian American Case. Edited by Salvatore J. LaGumina (1968).


Volume 2        The Italian American Novel. Edited by John M. Cammett (1969).


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