An Annotated Bibliography of Italian American Studies


Page 26

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Alfonsi, Ferdinando, Ed. Poeti Italo-americani: Italo-american Poets, a Bilingual Anthology. Catanzaro, Italy: Antonio Carello Editore, 1985.
[The first bilingual anthology of poetry by Americans of Italian descent.]
Barolini, Helen, ed. The Dream Book: an Anthology of Writings by Italian-american Women. New York: Schocken, 1985.
[Featuring poems, plays, personal narratives and fiction by women, this unique collection is prefaced by an important essay on the l Italian/American women.]
Bona, Mary Jo, ed. The Voices We Carry: Recent Italian-American Women’s Fiction. Montreal: Guernica Editions, 1994.
[Featuring 14 women whose writings take on new dimensions when placed with each other’s in this anthology. Included are: Dorothy Bryant, Diana Cavallo, Mary Bush, Susan Leonardi, Daniela Gioseffi, Rachel Guido DeVries, Lynn Vanucci and others.]
Capone, Giovanna (Janet) and Leto, Denise, eds. Sinister Wisdom. Il Viaggio Delle Donne. Volume 41 (Summer/Fall 1990).
[Dedicated to the writings of Italian-American lesbians.]
Fontanella, Luigi and Valesio, Paolo, eds. Italian Poets in America. Gradiva: International Joural of Italian Literature 5.1 (1992-93).
[Bilingual anthology of Italian poets living in America, including: Luigi Ballerini, Peter Carravetta, Ned Condini, Alfredo De Palchi, Luigi Fontanella, Allesandro Carrera, Giose Rimanelli, Paolo Valesio, Maria Marcelli, Mario Morone, Tonia Riviello, Emilio Speciale, Joseph Tusiani.]
Minni, C.D, ed. Ricordi: Things Remembered, an Anthology of Short Stories. Toronto: Guernica, 1989.
[Thematically connected through the Italian experience in Canada, the stories in this collection reflect a variety of Canada’s best Italian-American story writers and novelists.]
Pucelli, Rodolfo, ed. Anthology of Italian and Italo-american Poetry. Boston: Bruce Humphries, 1954.
[The first attempt to collect Italian-American poetry.]
Romano, Rose, ed. La Bella Figura: a Choice. San Francisco: Malafemmina press, 1992.
[An anthology of the poetry published in the literary journal La Bella Figura.]
Tamburri, Anthony J., Paolo Giordano and Fred L. Gardaphé, Eds. From the Margin: Writings in Italian Americana. West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press, 1991.
[The first anthology of contemporary Italian-American male and female poets, story writers and critics.]

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