Italian Poetry of America

The IPA is a not-for-profit Cultural Institution.  Its fundamental aim is the promotion and support of Italian poetry in the United States.  To this aim, the IPA will:

Stimulate the study of and the interest for Italian poetry in the United States through seminars, readings, cultural exchanges, book presentations, conferences, all aiming at reaching the American public interested in contemporary Italian literature and culture;

Promote the translation of important books of Italian poetry which are still unavailable in English; the members of the Executive Committee can put forward their recommendations, which will then be discussed at the plenary meetings of the Executive Committee itself;

 Invite Italian poets to Stony Brook University to hold seminars on specific aspects of their poetry;

Organize readings and conferences on Italian poetry and on English translation of modern Italian poetry; the readings will always be bilingual;

Organize exhibitions of manuscripts by twentieth century Italian poets, and publish a bi-annual anthology (chapbook) of Italian poets, translated into English, selected by the Executive Committee;

Sponsor Gradiva-New York Literary Prize awarded yearly to a poetry book in Italian, selected by the Executive Committee.  The Prize competition is open to Italian poets; the winner will be invited to NYC for the award ceremony and will undertake to hold a public reading  in New York; the book will be translated into English and published by Gradiva Publications.

Found a library of/on twentieth century Italian poetry (both in Italian and English), and an archive on Italian poetry, which will include bequest and donations by Italian poets.  The archive will be an important resource for scholars in North-America working on Italian poetry;

Establish contacts with Italian Cultural Institutes abroad and with poetry Institutes in Italy, the United States and other countries, to promote various activities of cultural exchange.

The main office of the IPA is: 1146 Humanities Building,  Stony brook University.  Tel.  (631) 632-7448; Fax: (631) 476-6678.  E-mail: lfontanella@notes.cc.sunysb.edu  

The members of the Executive Committee are:  

 Luigi Fontanella (Founder and President, Stony Brook University)
 Luigi Bonaffini (translator and editor of Journal of Italian Translation, Brooklyn College)
Alfredo De Palchi (poet, editor of Chelsea Editons)
Charles Franco (Stony Brook University)
Michael Palma (poet and translator)
Irene Marchegiani (Stony Brook University)  

The Executive Committee shall meet twice a year at the State University of New York, Stony Brook and at Stony Brook Manhattan in New York City, to discuss the program and plan the program of future activities.

The IPA will publish Gradiva, as well as a series of books of Italian poets resident abroad.

For more information contact: Prof. Luigi Fontanella
                                                                Department of European Languages
                                                                Stony Brook University
                                                                Stony Brook, NY 11794-5359
                                                                tel: (631) 632-7448/7440
                                                                e-mail: lfontanella@notes.cc.sunysb.edu