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For nearly twenty years Stony Brook's Summer Program in Rome has provided students with the opportunity to study Italian culture in its natural environment.  This program accommodates students at all levels of Italian, from the very beginner to the advanced, offering art and culture courses in English, Italian language classes at all levels, and literature and research courses in advanced Italian.  Founded in 1980, the Summer Program in Rome offers high quality education at modest cost, enabling participants to gain first-hand knowledge of contemporary Rome and Italy, along with a challenging academic program offering comprehensive insight into Italian culture, history, heritage, and traditions.

In addition to the Summer program, the University at Stony Brook is currently offering students an opportunity to study in Rome during the academic year. With this program, students may enroll in any course offered by the University of Rome, "La Sapienza". Students may choose to stay in Rome for the entire academic year, or for the Spring semester.
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