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Academic Overview

As this is an overseas academic participants must register for a minimum of 6 credits. Credits are expressed in semester hours: a three-credit course is equal to 45 formal teaching hours. Grades are awarded by the teaching staff. Class attendance is required. Courses will be conducted in the mornings at the Domus Mariae. Some courses, such as the Art History class, will require field trips outside the classroom to various museums and points of interest.

All courses are taught by very experienced, talented, and knowledgeable faculty. Most of them are faculty members of U.S. colleges and universities; a few are Italian professors who have been associated with the program for many years.

Course Credit: Transfer of Credit
Letter grades are assigned for all registered courses. The letter grade and corresponding credit hours are recorded on an official Stony Brook transcript. All students will receive a regular grade report from SUNY Stony Brook, mailed to the student's home address in late August. Official transcripts listing courses taken and grades received in Italy are available from Stony Brook by submitting a written request for the transcript to the Bursar's Office, PO Box 619, Stony Brook, NY 11790; include a check for $5.00 for each transcript requested. Grades will be calculated into the student's GPA. There are two exceptions to this. Exception 1: Students of other SUNY campuses will receive a Transcript Supplement, which will be sent to their home Study Abroad Office; credits and grades will be handled according to the policies of their home campus. Exception 2: Students registered for graduate credits will receive a Transcript Supplement listing courses and grades; the Stony Brook transcript will only indicate that the student studied abroad in Rome.

Students may choose to enroll in one of the surnmer courses under the Pass/No Credit option; however, the Study Abroad Office recommends that students consult their university handbook and academic advisor before selecting this option, since the P/NC option cannot be changed after final registration.

Students who wish to take courses to fulfill university or departmental requirements should consult with the relevant office at their home university regarding transfer credit procedures before leaving for Italy. Stony Brook students should speak with the Study Abroad Office. Information describing program courses is provided in this booklet, for your convenience. Please contact Professor Mignone or the Study Abroad Office if you require further details.

Auditing Courses
A student may, under certain circumstances, audit a course with prior permission of the director of international programs; however, the student would still be required to register for and attend the course and pay the regular tuition. This decision should be made cautiously, since registration for any course may not be changed from audit to credit, or vice-versa, after final registration.

Academic Standards
These courses are regular college courses. Students are expected to attend classes and meet the requirements set by the professors. Failure to do so could result in expulsion from the program without reimbursement. Students must pass a final examination (and term paper in upper-level courses) if they wish to receive credit for the course. Failing grades will be recorded on the Stony Brook transcript.

Grades are based on examinations, term paper (upper-level courses) and class performance. Grades are awarded by the teaching staff in consultation with the program director.

A fist of texts required for each course will be sent to participants in the early summer indicating which of them should be purchased in advance and taken to Italy. They are not all available in Rome and those that are win be considerably more expensive. Students enrolled in a Directed Readings course should plan to start their project before departure, to take advantage of books available in the library.

All courses offered on this program have been approved as official Stony Brook course offerings.