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Student Testimonials

student1.gif (295200 bytes)"The summer trip to Italy was a time of discovery. Not only did I gain more knowledge of Italian culture and language, but I learned a lot about myself, as well. New friends were made, both American and Italian. It was the most productive yet enjoyable summer I’ve experienced. I will always remember the great times I had in Rome." - Tricia

"I have never experienced such a warm feeling.  I learned a great deal of Italian culture and I met friends, including professors, which will last me a lifetime.   Rome allows the students to discover and explore the heritage of Italy and the contemporary Italian life at the same time." - Sofia

"The trip to Italy was the best month of my life; the classes were interesting, and the weekend trips were great. Being able to study and live in Rome is a great experience that everyone should take advantage of. The teachers were extraordinary and the accommodations at the Domus Mariae were fine." - Brian

"This summer was an incredible experience for me.    The Stony Brook summer study program met more than my expectations, and I would recommend the program to anyone who is interested in experiencing Italy to its fullest." -  Michelle

"One of the advantages of the program is its location - One really needs to be in Rome to get a real Italian experience. . . . The program was better that I ever imagined. I had a wonderful experience and I will remember it for years to come" - Doreen

"This was a ‘hands-on’ experience that one cannot forget. The program encompassed the best aims of education: knowledge with accompanying skills, culture, interpersonal and group relationships. My sincere thanks to your staff for a memorable month in Italy!" - Lynne

"When I think of my trip to Italy, I remember two things - the people and the culture. Everything is different there. The people, especially those in the smaller cities, are very kind and willing to talk and help. The attitude towards life is a lot more relaxed that it is here in America." - Angela